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The Cost and Benefits of Concrete Polishing in New York

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Concrete Polishing: New York Experts Reveal the Benefits and Cost

In New York and many other parts of the country, contractors are seeing a huge need for services related to concrete polishing.  New York concrete professionals have especially noticed the wide variety of ways that polished concrete is now being used in homes and businesses.

And, although concrete can be used for many purposes, it seems that stained concrete flooring is the main way that homeowners and commercial builders are choosing to implement the technique in their designs.

You may already know people who have decided to use concrete finishing in their homes, and you may have also noticed many more businesses in the area choosing to use concrete in their retail establishments.  

When it comes to concrete polishing, New York experts have a lot to say about the benefits of using polished concrete as well as the cost that local customers can expect if they decide to go for the look.

The Surprising Benefits of Concrete Polishing

New York home and business owners, as well as other types of medical, educational, and commercial properties, are increasingly choosing a concrete finish for their floors because concrete provides several key benefits.  

When compared with other flooring options, finishing concrete floors can deliver many advantages over other types of surfaces when it comes to factors like maintenance and durability, appearance, versatility and overall value.

How Concrete Can Help You Avoid Unnecessary Costs  

Actually, the value of using concrete can be seen both in the up-front expense of concrete over other materials and the reduced long-term costs associated with concrete, due to its durability and low maintenance requirements.

For homeowners, using polished and stained concrete for interior floors means that the concrete slab that is already a part of their foundation can provide the surface for their floors.  This provides a cost savings as the concrete takes the place of other types of flooring materials that would ultimately be placed on top of the existing cement.

The same is true for commercial facilities, and larger scale projects benefit even more from using the concrete that is already there instead of purchasing additional flooring material.

Long-Term Savings and Low Maintenance

When it comes to the durability of concrete polishing, New York professionals see a clear advantage in concrete over other materials, and most believe that the lower maintenance requirements and longer life of concrete floors provide even more in cost savings.

For both commercial and residential consumers, finished concrete floors are less susceptible to damage than other types of flooring surfaces, don’t require expensive repairs or restoration, and will never need to be replaced over the course of a lifetime.  

For businesses concerned about maintenance and wear over time as a result of heavy foot traffic, the durability of concrete floors can provide significant long-term savings.

Finally, polished concrete is extremely low maintenance, meaning it saves home and business owners the time and money that is normally invested in maintaining other types of flooring materials.  This is another major reason professionals have seen growing interest in concrete polishing.

New York experts generally recommend simply cleaning concrete floors with a damp mop as part of a regular cleaning routine.  More involved cleaning and maintenance is rarely required for polished concrete surfaces, and these is also no need for adding additional wax or polish.

Achieve a Unique Look with Concrete Polishing

New York home and business owners have also taken advantage of the versatility of polished concrete surfaces. The colors and design of concrete surfaces can be created to achieve a wide variety of looks, and even the level of gloss desired can be modified to suit each customer.

Faux finishes are popular for those who want a truly unique look, and lovers of super-glossy, natural stone floors can even use stained concrete flooring to achieve the look they want, for a fraction of the cost.  The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to interesting ways to transform a concrete surface.

This flexible nature of polished concrete floors has added to the number of ways it can be used as well as the many places it can be found.  To see great examples of concrete polishing, New York residents have to look no further than local stores, offices, hotels, showrooms, and even residential homes.

The Environmental Impact of Concrete

For many people, the environmental impact of any method of building or design is a factor in their decision to use it, and the same can be said for concrete polishing.  New York is known across the country as being an eco-friendly State, and this may in some way be connected with the growing popularity of concrete.

Those concerned about green construction and design will be happy to know that using concrete is considered a sustainable option, and concrete polishing can be an eco-friendly choice.

What You Can Expect To Pay for Polished Concrete 

There are several factors that might impact the cost you can expect from hiring a contractor or professional to put a polished concrete finish in your home or place of business.

Generally, the first basic cost of something like concrete floor polishing would depend on the amount of work required to grind the surface into the smooth, polished look you desire.  A smoother, higher gloss requires a higher level of grinding and will increase your expense.

In addition to the cost of polishing itself, you should also consider that using concrete stain or patterns to create a unique surface would add additional expense to your project.  Also, it tends to be easier to work with a concrete floor grinder in more spacious areas, so those looking to use polished concrete on a larger scale might notice a slight cost benefit versus a homeowner who wants a concrete surface in an area that is more confined.

Overall, the price you will pay for polished, stained concrete floors will depend on all of these things in addition to your location and the professional you hire to complete your concrete polishing.  New York residents could pay anywhere from $4 to $12 per square feet of concrete, depending on the scale of their project and design requirements.


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