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Historic Property Preservation - Stone and Tile

Historic Property Restoration and Preservation

Historic natural stone, tile, and masonry, such as floors and walls, architectural features, statues, fountains, monuments, and the like can become damaged with use or exposure to the elements. When professional attention is necessary, it is important to select a qualified contractor who not only has the knowledge, skills, and training to work with your natural stone, tile, or masonry, but who also understands historic conservation methods and employs responsible preservation practices. At Marble Polishing Experts, we do our research and ask the appropriate questions to gain a clear understanding of our client’s expectations before we write specifications or prescribe treatments for historic surfaces. Then, we perform the work according to the plan, and in most cases, we are able to achieve the desired outcome for your marble, granite, travertine, slate, onyx, limestone, and more.

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Four Approaches to Historical Stone Restoration

We can customize our services to address concerns and resolve problems while staying within the standards addressed by the Secretary of Interiors Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. These standards specify four approaches, beginning with the gentlest means possible and progressing to more aggressive methods:

Preservation emphasizes repair and maintenance of the surface as it is rather than restoring or reconstructing it to its original appearance.
Rehabilitation recognizes that in order to accommodate continued or new use, a surface may need to be repaired, altered, or added to without altering the historic character of the surface. Of the four approaches, this is the most flexible.
Restoration means accurately depicting the character of a surface as it appeared at a particular historical time period. It may involve removing added features or reconstructing missing features.
Reconstruction involves new construction of non-surviving portions of a surface to replicate its appearance at a particular historical time period.
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