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Tile Wall Deep Cleaned and Color Sealed

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Client : Homeowners in the Mid-Hudson Valley area
Info : Tile and grout deep cleaned, grout color sealed

Dark Grout Lines and Dirty Tiles

Homeowners in Mid-Hudson Valley contacted us because the tile and grout walls in their bathroom had become unsightly. The tiles looked dirty, even after they had just been cleaned, and the grout lines were dark. The homeowners felt that although the installation was dated, there was no damage warranting replacement. They decided to see whether some professional tile and grout services would make a difference.

Tile and Grout Deep Cleaning and Grout Color Sealing

We sprayed the tile with emulsifier and used a brush to work the solution into the grout lines. Then, we thoroughly cleaned and rinsed the tile and grout, removing contaminants deeply embedded in the pores of the grout and in the textured tile surface.

While the fresh, clean tile and grout dried, we consulted with the homeowners to select the most appropriate grout color sealer to compliment the color of the tile. We applied grout color sealer to the grout lines, giving the grout lines a uniform appearance and the bathroom wall an updated look. Grout color sealing has constant-acting mildewcides, which is perfect for a high-moisture setting such as a bathroom.

The homeowners were happy to learn that the grout color sealer will provide lasting stain protection for years to come. They loved the like-new appearance of their bathroom wall.

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Marble Polishing Experts, specializes in tile and grout cleaning and color sealing. We can provide the same dramatic results you see in these images for the tile and grout in your kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your home. For a FREE estimate in Mid-Hudson Valley, NY area, fill out our online CONTACT FORM or call (845) 283-9706 today.