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Saltillo Deep Cleaned and Color Enhanced

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Client : Homeowners in the Mid-Hudson Valley area
Info : Saltillo cleaned and sealed

Dull, Dirty Saltillo Floor

The appearance of Saltillo tiles, also known as Mexican tiles, will become diminished with use over time. Homeowners in Mid Hudson Valley contacted us because their Saltillo floor was dull and dirty. The floor had very little color or reflection, and the grout lines were dark even with regular sweeping and mopping.

Safe and Effective Saltillo Restoration

Our technicians understand that Saltillo tiles can be delicate and sensitive, so they used extra care to prevent damage to the tiles. We deep cleaned the Saltillo using professional cleaning solutions and a floor machine mounted with scrub brushes. After allowing plenty of drying time with high speed fans, we applied several coats of color enhancing sealer.

The homeowners were amazed at how beautiful their floors were.

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Marble Polishing Experts, specializes in Saltillo tile cleaning and color enhancing. We can provide the same dramatic results you see in these images for the Saltillo in your kitchen, bathroom, or another area of your home. For a FREE estimate in Mid-Hudson Valley, NY area, fill out our online CONTACT FORM or call (845) 283-9706 today.