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Polishing Concrete: Innovative Ways to Use It in Your Home

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Polishing Concrete: Surprising Ways to Incorporate the Style Indoors

Many people are now starting to understand why polishing concrete has become so popular in not only New York but across the United States as well.  The unique look and distinct advantages that a concrete finish can provide is seen in both residential and commercial establishments everywhere.

While the idea of concrete polishing may not be completely new to you, you may be surprised to learn that there are many ways this style can be used in your home or business – both indoors and outdoors.  

As we explore the variety of ways that this design element is showing up inside homes and businesses, you may be inspired to use concrete in ways you never knew were possible.

Don’t Underestimate Stained Concrete Floors

When it comes to polishing concrete, most of your exposure likely comes from places you have seen using polished and stained concrete as a flooring material.  However, if you start to keep your eyes peeled, you may realize there are more concrete floors around than you first thought, and the design of one floor can be drastically different from the next.

This versatility is in part the reason that concrete polishing has become so popular and is now appearing in just about every location you can imagine, including homes, restaurants, boutiques, and office buildings.  The material may be the same in each spot, but the unlimited options concrete can offer allows each place to put their own unique spin on the trend.

One thing you can also be sure of is that concrete has evolved way beyond the dull, gray look that most of us are used to.  Today, customized looks are created for floors all the time using acid stain concrete, interesting patterns and textures and a range of colors that is almost endless.  

Polishing concrete can even be done to naturally blend floors with the surrounding environment or to transform them to simulate other surfaces – without adding the cost and maintenance that you might expect from materials like tile or natural stone.  Plus, new technology and design ideas that increase the versatility of concrete even more are being discovered at a quick pace.

Beyond this, concrete flooring provides a whole list of benefits like easy maintenance and other advantages over other flooring materials.  And, it can provide these benefits in some unexpected locations.

Polishing Concrete in the Garage and Basement

Garage floors do not have to be the eyesore they have traditionally been, and concrete polishing is a great way to create a garage that works for you.  In addition to using this process to add colors or patterns to your garage flooring, concrete finishing can also help reduce the formation of stains and the unappealing look of grease and tire marks that are otherwise hard to remove.

Along the same lines, stained concrete floors in a basement can completely transform the space into something that is stylish, practical, and a smart investment for your home.  In fact, many experts rank this type of renovation as one of the best ways homeowners can maximize return on their investment.

And, polished concrete floors can create a livable space where there wasn’t one before, making things like costly building unnecessary for homeowners who want to expand.

Can Concrete Floors Heat Your Home?

As you can see, Polishing concrete floors goes way beyond style, but would you believe that you could use concrete floors to heat your home?  A new technique called radiant floor heating is providing many people an alternative over a standard furnace to heat their homes and allowing them to take full advantage of their concrete floors.

In fact, a radiant floor heating system can actually cut energy costs because it is used to distribute heat in a more natural way.  Essentially, the system works by using either electric coils or tubing that circulates heated water inside the slab of concrete that is installed in your home.  The result is even heating that is capable of providing you with consistent warmth.

Additionally, this type of heating system means you no longer have to deal with annoying cold drafts in your house, dust particles and allergens being circulated throughout, and higher energy costs with less consistent heating.

If you are interested in polishing concrete already in your home, you can actually still take advantage of radiant heating.  A professional can create an overlay on the existing concrete floors in your home, providing a thin layer that can support the heating system.  And, it can all be done without significantly changing the height of your existing floor. 

Polishing Concrete in Unexpected Places

One of the great things about polishing concrete is that people are finding more unique and interesting ways to use the material in their homes and businesses. 

One of these comes in the form of beautiful countertops made out of concrete, and the unique style is showing up in more and more homes in the area.  Available options are just as versatile as those that are possible with concrete flooring, and a professional skilled in polishing concrete – 9 can provide you with all the ways concrete countertops can be customized for you.

It’s even possible to create concrete sinks, and again, they can be customized to suit any style by playing with design elements such as color, texture and shape.

Along the same lines, a similar technique can be used to create interesting conversation pieces, such as a unique concrete fireplace, or even a piece of concrete furniture.  There are now many more ways than you can imagine that concrete can be used in the home, and they are much more exciting and definitely much more interesting than traditional uses for concrete, such as a driveway or foundation material. 

Now that you know a little more about polishing concrete, you may notice it around a lot more, and you may even have your own ideas for interesting ways to use it in your home.


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