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Polishing Concrete Floors for Households| Debunking Myths

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The Most Common Concerns on Concrete Floor Polishing

One of the reasons concrete floor polishing has become so popular stems from its versatility and design appeal.  However, many of the people who love the way polished concrete floors look ultimately have some of the same concerns regarding the function and use of finished concrete floors.

For the most part, these concerns apply to the convenience and comfort of polished and/or stained concrete flooring as it compares to floors made with alternative materials.  As it turns out, concrete has a surprising edge on many other flooring materials, giving many people the incentive they need to use concrete flooring in their homes.

The Number One Worry People Have About Concrete Floor Polishing

According to experts in concrete polishing, one of the most common concerns people have about installing concrete floors in their homes is that the concrete finish will be cold, clammy, or uncomfortable.  

Although winters in Denver, Colorado are not severely cold, it makes complete sense that residents would be curious about the warmth and moisture they can expect to experience with concrete floors.  In fact, these concerns are valid because concrete can actually be cold, and it is possible that improper insulation can cause concrete flooring to transfer certain amount of moisture.

However, when concrete is compared with other flooring materials, such as natural stone or ceramic, it does not stand out as being a colder material to work with. 

Temperature of concrete floor

Many people are surprised to learn that there is nothing inherent in concrete surfaces that make them cold.  If you were to take a closer look at concrete as a material, you would actually see that it has properties that make it capable of both storing and transmitting heat.  

This has led many to go beyond concrete floor polishing and actually use their concrete floors as part of a radiant heating system, where coils or tubes are installed to heat the floors and the rest of the home.  In fact, this method of heating has been shown to be very efficient and capable of reducing energy costs.  Further, concrete’s ability to absorb heat make it a natural heating solution when allowed to absorb heat from the sun through windows.

In contrast, some homeowners do not take measures to keep their concrete warm because they are more worried about keeping their homes cool.  Concrete is perfectly suitable in these cases as well.

In terms of moisture and the fear of damp floors, professionals in concrete floor polishing can take the necessary measures when your floors are installed to ensure that they are not likely to produce excess moisture.  Most homes that are built today actually include barriers that keep moisture from becoming a problem.

Aren’t Concrete Floors Uncomfortable?

Based on the exposure that most of us have had to concrete surfaces, it makes perfect sense that one might worry that polishing concrete in their homes would lead to uncomfortable floors and a very unforgiving surface. While it is true that concrete floor polishing will not give homeowners the same feel as soft, cushioned carpet or even vinyl surfaces, concrete floors again compare very closely to materials like ceramic and natural stone. Polished and stained concrete may result in a harder surface, but another consequence is flooring that is incredibly durable and easy to maintain.  This leads many business owners to use concrete in warehouse or industrial settings where harder surfaces are appreciated.  

For homeowners, a simple floor rug in high traffic areas is generally all that is needed to gain all the benefits of concrete with a softer feel.  Rugs are also an effective way of reducing echo for those who are worried that finished concrete floors might produce excessive noise pollution.

A Surprisingly Easy Solution to Another Common Concern

When it comes to concrete floor polishing, one major worry among homeowners is that their beautiful stained concrete floors will be an accident waiting to happen.  Although concrete surfaces are really not any more slippery or prone to causing accidents than most other flooring materials, they do cause cautious homeowners to think twice about installing concrete floors. 

In reality, concrete flooring is actually considered by many to be much less slippery than other popular flooring materials, like polished marble.

Those who do not want to give up their desire for concrete floor polishing but are still concerned about safety can simply ask their concrete professional about adding sealant additives or certain decorative elements to their concrete to safeguard against an overly slippery surface.

Don’t Believe This Myth About Concrete Floors

One final concern that many concrete experts encounter has to do with creating a safe, comfortable environment for some of our most important family members: our family pets.

Particularly in pet-friendly areas like Denver, many homeowners are worried that installing concrete floors might create an unfriendly pet environment for their animals and lead to a lot of inconvenience for themselves as pet owners.  However, the truth is that concrete floor polishing can actually provide an ideal flooring surface for pets and homeowners alike.

When it comes to cleaning concrete floors and making sure that your floors don’t come between your pets and a tidy house, you will probably find that concrete actually works to your advantage.  

For one, a simple sealant on top of your finished concrete floors can ensure that they are perfectly protected against stains or damage from pet urine and the unwelcome smells that urine stains can leave behind.  Along the same lines, concrete cleaning is much easier than dealing with materials like carpet when your four-legged friend happens to track mud or water through your home.

Concrete floors are also considered to be allergy friendly because they don’t trap much of the pet dander that typically causes issues with humans, and your pet will be glad there will be fewer opportunities for fleas and other parasites to hide out in your home thanks to your concrete floors.

Overall, there are plenty of advantages to concrete floor polishing, and many home and business owners even find that their initial concerns about concrete surfaces ultimately convince them that concrete is actually their best option.


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