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Granite Cleaning, Sealing, and Refinishing - Mid-Hudson Valley, NY

Expert Granite Polishing and Protection

Granite, one of the world’s hardest materials, is a stone of choice for kitchen countertops and floors, not only because it is gorgeous, but because it is resistant to most acids, very durable, and easy to maintain. Even so, granite is not impervious to damage. If your granite is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped or otherwise damaged, we can make it look brand new again!
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Granite Restoration Can Be Challenging

Much harder than marble, granite is a rugged and resilient stone that is notoriously more difficult to repair and restore than other types of natural stone. It requires specialized knowledge and equipment to achieve the best results. At Marble Polishing Experts, our technicians are highly trained and qualified to work with granite. We understand granite’s unyielding qualities and have the right tools and techniques to restore a factory finish, even if it is badly damaged.

At-A-Glance Granite Services

From minor services like having your granite floors or granite countertops polished to major services like a complete granite floor or granite countertop repair and restoration, our professional technicians can perform these services for you.

  • Cleaning and sealing
  • Repairing cracks and chips
  • Removing stains
  • Polishing to restore a brand new look
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If you are in the Mid-Hudson Valley area, contact us to discuss how can we restore your granite floors, countertops, or other surfaces. Call (845) 283-9706 or use our CONTACT FORM to send us a message.

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