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Mastering Marble Restoration: DIY vs. Professional

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What is Marble Restoration?

When it comes to marble restoration, the first thing you might think of is an artisan skillfully restoring famous statues and works of marble art that have been around for generations.  However, there is another side to marble restoration that often involves just as much skill and attention to detail.  Anyone who has seen what the work of an expert in restoring marble can do for the natural stone is usually amazed by the difference it can make in its appearance.

Is restoring marble a DIY job?

If you aren’t clear on marble restoration and how it may differ from skills like marble polishing, it may help to know that restoring marble is sometimes viewed as work that requires a high level of skill as well as some natural talent for the task at hand.  Some claim that those skilled in restoring marble can handle polishing the natural stone with ease, but that simply knowing how to polish marble will not make you an expert in marble restoration.

People who consider themselves an expert in restoring marble generally have more experience with the stone, a history of solid training, a natural affinity for marble, and an understanding of the stone’s luxurious and sometimes sensitive nature.  Generally, someone with these qualities is capable of restoring marble of any kind, including marble found in flooring, counters, wall cladding, fireplaces, etc…

Typically, a marble restoration job will include tasks like cleaning and polishing your marble, but it will also generally require some level of marble repair.  This is often a complicated aspect of the job, and it may be the most risky as well.  Without expert help to do a marble repair, those with less experience working with the stone may damage the marble they are working on and cause more harm than good.  When the work involves a prized possession or priceless area of the home, mistakes in marble repair may cost even more than time and money.

Hiring an expert to complete your marble restoration project ensures you will be thrilled with the look of your marble and will probably avoid costly errors.

Understanding the Complexity of Marble Restoration

DIY expertise is far beyond what it ever has been in the past, and homeowners are taking a lot more responsibility for changes, upgrades and repairs around their home.  Further, the knowledge available on the internet and through other sources has made it extremely easy to access tutorials and instructions for almost any job.  However, something like marble restoration is probably not the best task for an inexperienced homeowner to tackle.

Unfortunately, many who attempt this type of job themselves end up damaging or completely ruining their marble.  By using the wrong chemicals or following inaccurate instructions, they end up with discolored and stained stone, scratches that dull the marble and make it less attractive and even holes or cracks that can seriously weaken the stone.

Much of the time, these results will require the help of a marble restoration expert to fix, and the homeowner is ultimately forced to hire someone to correct their mistakes and complete the marble restoration as well.  Many of these cases will require additional time and resources, costing the homeowner more in the long run than they would have paid with expert help from the beginning.

What is Required and What to Expect from Marble Restoration

Marble is a stone that does require maintenance to keep it looking spectacular after years of use, and marble restoration may ultimately be necessary for some people.  If you are searching for someone to restore your stone or even help you determine the best way to keep it looking nice, you will probably want to find someone with knowledge in all aspects of marble care.  Without someone who has a full understanding of cleaning, polishing, repair, and restoration, you may not receive the proper care for your marble, and you may end up paying much more than you should.

For example, sometimes minor stains or scratches in the surface of your marble can be corrected relatively easily with the right tools and polishing technique.  An expert can properly determine the level of marble restoration needed and the type of work required to fix these types of problems.

Why Hiring an Expert for Marble Restoration is Essential

In contrast, because marble is so porous, it is possible for serious damage to occur and show up in the form of chips, cracks, and even serious breaks in the stone.  This type of repair requires an entirely different level of skill and difficulty, especially when portions of the marble stone have been broken apart from the original slab.  In these cases, the displaced pieces of marble will have to be fixed back to its former position without damaging the surrounding stone or creating an uneven surface.

Even more complex levels of marble restoration and repair are necessary when pieces of marble have broken off the original marble stone and cannot be found.  For this type of damage, another material or piece of marble that strongly resembles the initial stone must be fashioned to fit where the broken sections came from.  This can involve   complex tasks like creating molds to reflect the broken marble pieces and creating a filler of marble dust and cement to replicate material that is missing.  Once the missing pieces of broken marble have been replicated, they can then be affixed to the original stone, without being distinguishable from the surrounding area.

What to Expect from Marble Restoration Services

Regardless of the level of difficulty required for your marble restoration, you can expect the work of a professional to return your marble to its original state of beauty.  In addition to making it look like new, you should also be given the instructions you need to maintain the look and health of your marble for as long as you have it.  Often, your instructions will also help you combat the type of damage that caused you to need repair in the first place.

Overall, marble restoration is a great way to bring your natural stone surfaces back to life, but it is usually best reserved for an expert.  Whether your job requires a simple repair or full-scale restoration, the right experts can make sure the job is done in the best way possible.

If you live in Middletown or within the surrounding areas of New York, you can use a consultation with the Marble Polishing Experts to discuss the current state of your stone and your potential need for marble restoration.


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