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Expert Grout Repair Services: Revitalize Your Tiles

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You May Need Grout Repair if…

The beauty of grout is that when it’s in good shape, it does its job of securing your tile and protecting it from damage beautifully.  The problem with grout is that when it’s in bad shape, it doesn’t do those things and you notice it.  If you are constantly fussing over the fact that your grout has become an eyesore, you probably need grout repair.

Repairing your grout can work wonders on a room that has seriously suffered ever since the grout around the tiles took a turn for the worse.

The Trouble with Cleaning

Your own attempts at grout repair have probably involved a lot of scrubbing and back breaking work, as you tried to clean away the problem.  However, herein lays another problem with grout: once it has gone over the edge, it is difficult for the average person to bring it back with cleaning. Because it is typically both a permeable and coarse surface, cleaning grout can be kind of complex. 

What you think is dirt making your grout unattractive is probably more like a mixture of mold and mildew with some dirt thrown in to top it off.  As such, the only way to clean it properly is to find a way to penetrate the grout, getting rid of mold and mildew at their source. And this is where most people come in, scrubbing their grout as hard as they can with harsh chemicals like phosphoric acid and bleach, in an attempt to fix it. 

This may produce positive results, but they are often only temporary.  Plus, the chemicals used just damage the surface of the grout and cause your problem to look filthier than ever when it returns. So what’s the solution for your grout concerns? 

In all likelihood, if your efforts are failing and your grout is past the point of benefiting from basic tile and grout cleaning, you could probably use the help of a professional to tackle your grout repair.

Methods of Grout Repair

Professional Cleaning Services

First and foremost, professionals who are experts in repairing grout can identify the materials that actually make up your grout.  This is important because they can use the information to determine the proper cleaning materials to use for the job, so that the process does not damage the surface of your grout or cause it to fade.

Further, professional grout repair experts have methods of cleaning that go beyond the average person’s capabilities, including techniques that use heat and high pressure to break down stains and chemicals safe for your grout that will remove the toxins, stains, and odor.

Finally, an expert in repairing grout can seal or reseal your grout to keep your grout looking sparkling and clean for as long as possible.  If you are in the New York area, you can seek professional help for grout repair from the Marble Polishing Experts, who are skilled in restoring desperate grout.

Re-grouting Your Tile

If your problem is more than just dirt and the grout between your tiles is severely damaged, crumbled, and falling apart, it may be too late for intense cleaning.  A professional can certainly advise you on your particular issue, but often the best solution at this point is to re-grout your tile.

In this method of grout repair, damaged areas of grout can be removed with a knife or grout saw, without causing harm to your tile.

These areas are then filled in with new grout, which may be more durable than the material you started out with.  It is also sealed to preserve the look of your new grout and prevent new damage.

If you plan to do this process yourself, be careful to fully remove your old, damaged grout, and do not attempt to re-grout over the material that is there without removing it at all.  Your new grout will not adhere effectively to the grout that is already there, and you will simply end up with a new layer of cracked and crumbly grout.

Changing the Color of Your Grout

Those that do end up re-grouting as their method of grout repair may consider using a colored grout in exchange for what they had.  Choosing a different colored grout can make it easier to keep your grout looking nice and give your room a makeover as an added bonus.

Depending on your tile, a darker grout may look fantastic and give you a little leeway when it comes to trying to keep your grout close to its original color.  White grout will be harder to maintain after you have used it for years than a grout with a little more color, like a sandy or gray shade.  There are a lot of colored grouts to choose from these days, and it should be easy for you to find a color that complements your existing tile. 

Changing the color of your grout may also be possible without re-grouting your tile; however, it could be a complicated job depending on your situation and may be best left to a professional.  In this process, a staining agent is applied to the tile to permanently change its color.  If this is done alongside tiles that are not glazed or sealed properly, your stain may end up damaging your tile as a consequence.

Avoid the Need for Grout Repair

If you aren’t yet to the point of needing grout repair, do your best to maintain your tile and grout so that repairs are not necessary in the future.  It only takes a bit of regular maintenance to keep it looking nice.

Do your best to wipe spills or dirt before it has a chance to set in and stain your grout.  If you do experience mild stains on grout that has been properly sealed, you can probably clean it with natural cleaners and a brush made with natural bristles.

You may also want to consult a grout repair expert to give you advice on the best way to maintain new grout or suggest how often you should have your grout resealed.


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