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Concrete Polishing FAQs: Expert Answers from New York

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Common Questions about Concrete Polishing: New York Experts Have the Answers

If you are wondering whether any concrete surface is suitable for concrete polishing, New York concrete professionals have the answers you are looking for.  

There are a lot of New York residents who are noticing the many local retail establishments and residential houses in the area that have decided to use stained concrete flooring to produce a low-maintenance surface and unique look.  As a result, contractors and concrete professionals are seeing a lot of interest and hearing a lot of questions about concrete polishing.  

New York home and business owners are especially curious about the process of cement polishing and whether it can be done on their own floors or even on concrete that has been there for years.  They are also curious about the required maintenance and want to know exactly how to clean concrete floor.

Polishing Concrete: The Best Candidates for A New Look

Many people are surprised to learn that age is not a factor in determining whether a concrete surface is a good candidate for polishing.  This is great news for those wondering whether or not they can spruce up older concrete floors with some concrete stain and polishing.  

However, there may be a few exceptions to that rule, and there are some factors to consider if you are thinking about polished concrete for both old and brand new concrete floors.

When it comes to new floors, some customers are surprised to learn that they must allow their concrete floors to age slightly before the process of polishing can begin.  Although the concrete mix used for the job will be the same mix that is used for any other type of concrete application, most experts agree that it takes about a month to ensure that the concrete is ready to be polished properly.

According to a local expert on concrete polishing, New York customers can benefit from communicating their intentions to the contractor that is installing their new floors.  With this information, the floors can be installed with a focus on achieving the smoothest surface possible, making things much easier and reducing the time it takes for the floors to be polished by a professional once the initial waiting period has passed.

Preparing and Assessing Existing Floors for Concrete Polishing

If you are more interested in having older floors polished, keep in mind that there will have to be some amount of work done to prepare the existing surface.  Typically, this involves achieving the cleanest, smoothest surface possible by getting rid of any oil or dirt that has accumulated on the concrete and fixing any imperfections that may be there.

Existing floors that are extremely uneven, require extensive repair, or are very porous in nature are probably not the best candidates for concrete polishing.  New York professionals should be consulted if you are unsure because they can always evaluate your concrete to determine whether the process would be a good fit in your situation.

Whether the concrete you want polished is new or old, don’t be surprised if your contractor talks about using a hardening agent after the initial grinding stage has taken place.  It isn’t unusual for polishing experts to apply a hardener that will penetrate the concrete and react chemically with the material to create a super dense surface that does not produce the chalky powder associated with concrete dusting and is safeguarded against things like water and unwanted stains.

In addition to understanding the best candidates for the process, you may also have questions about the best way to maintain your floors after concrete polishing.  New York experts can provide you with all you need to know about concrete cleaning.

The Truth about Cleaning Concrete Floors

Before you go through with getting polished concrete floors, you may want to know whether they are as low maintenance as they are rumored to be.

While polished concrete surfaces are typically very easy to take care of, you won’t escape without at least some light maintenance of your floors as a part of your regular cleaning routine.  The good news is that most people are extremely happy about the maintenance required for concrete when they compare it with the demands of other flooring materials.

Effortless Maintenance for Polished Concrete: Insights from New York Experts

When it comes to maintenance after concrete polishing, New York homeowners may be even better off than the owners of larger, retail or commercial establishments.  For the most part, foot traffic is the biggest determining factor in how much maintenance a concrete floor requires, and the amount of traffic in homes is generally much easier on floors than the amount of traffic that commercial areas have to deal with.

Regardless of the location of the concrete polishing, New York concrete experts will typically add a protective layer composed of a sealant, and in some cases a finishing wax, to provide the highest level of resistance possible for concrete flooring.  This will fully protect them against things like stains, erosion, and damaging chemicals.

With this type of protection, homeowners and some businesses can maintain their polished concrete by simply using a damp mop on the floors during their normal cleaning routine.  It is also possible to further protect your polished concrete surfaces by using rugs or floor coverings in areas that receive the most foot traffic.  This type of protection is generally plenty sufficient to keep maintenance requirements low and prevent early deterioration.

Despite the amount of traffic received, most people are more than satisfied with the amount of work required to keep their polished concrete looking great.  If you feel you have a unique situation or simply want to know more about concrete polishing, New York concrete experts are more than capable of providing you with the solutions you need.


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