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Another Take on Cement Polishing: Outdoors Applications

Decorative concrete and cement polishing are not just design elements that are used indoors.  In fact, many homeowners in the New York area are coming up with unique and interesting ways to incorporate a concrete finish outside their homes. For outdoor use, the versatility of the material is just as obvious as it is indoors, and people are now polishing concrete for a range of unexpected uses – from outdoor patios built with polished concrete to decorative walls, outdoor fireplaces, and even pool decks.

Is a Concrete Patio Really Ideal?

You may be much more used to seeing traditional patios made of wood, but more and more people in New York and other parts of the world are beginning to see the benefits of using concrete instead.  In fact, in recent years, the existence of a formal patio is becoming more important to homebuyers, and concrete is actually now leading the charge as the most desired material for outdoor patios.

Concrete material and cement polishing in the construction of patios are now preferred over other popular materials, such as natural stone.  This is mostly because concrete is so versatile in terms of its design capabilities, and patios made with concrete have a natural advantage when it comes to things like maintenance and durability.

Change the appearance of concrete

The overall purpose of the patio is to provide a gathering location for homeowners and guests outside the home.  However, designing a patio with decorative concrete elements can make the transition from indoors to outdoors much more subtle.  By using stained concrete and colors that match the home’s interior palette, the patio’s design becomes an extension of the overall look and feel of the house.Further, just as in applications indoors, staining and cement polishing can be done to simulate the looks of other materials, including brick and natural stone.  Not only does this make concrete a less expensive option, but it is typically more customizable than these materials as well.

If you are considering a concrete patio for your own backyard, keep in mind that the style can really enhance your outdoor area without being overly demanding on you in terms of maintenance.  In fact, most homeowners rejoice in not having to worry about things like harsh weather, rotting wood, and intruding plants or weeds.For those that already have a nice concrete patio to work with, you can still think about using cement polishing and decorative concrete elements as a way to upgrade your look and invest in the value of your home.

Concrete Driveways Are Not What They Used To Be

We are all very familiar with the traditional look of a concrete or asphalt driveway.  However, homeowners today actually have many more options when it comes to incorporating their own style into a concrete driveway.

The norm in New York is certainly the blacktop driveway, but some design pioneers are using stain and cement polishing – 6 to give their homes a distinctive look that can be noticed right away.  And, there are also lots of ways to enhance the look of an existing driveway, if you are tired of the plain look that was originally installed.

In either case, it is a good idea to consult with or hire a professional who has lots of experience in constructing concrete driveways and is dedicated to using the proper materials during installation.  This will ensure a longer life for your driveway and less maintenance required from you.

Eye Catching Ways To Take Cement Polishing Outside

Outside design elements that are both stunningly beautiful and unexpected.  This includes things like pool decks built with concrete, outdoor countertops and even fireplaces.

Much of the same benefits that homeowners draw from concrete patios can be expected from pool decks made with the same material.  Not only do concrete pool decks provide a practical surface for gathering around the pool, they can also be built with the same customization as concrete in other places – perfect for homeowners who want a seamless transition of their style between the inside and outside of their home.And, just like a concrete patio, the look can be done for much less than it would cost with other materials, and the end result is an incredibly durable and low-maintenance surface.

Cement polishing also gets noticed when it is used to transform the look of outdoor cooking surfaces like countertops, sinks and bars.  For those who love to entertain, this application can be both stylish and functional, creating a unique design that guests will enjoy while still providing the low maintenance nature that concrete is known for.

Along the same lines, homeowners who enjoy entertaining and hosting outdoor parties often love the idea of having a fireplace outdoors because they can provide a super relaxing and inviting space.  Some designers go so far as creating what they refer to as an outdoor living room complete with decorative concrete elements, and the result is usually hard to criticize.However, these designs also take a level of expertise that is best left to professionals who are skilled in using concrete and installing these kind of outdoor features.

Jump Into Cement Polishing with These Ideas

Finally, if you aren’t convinced you want to incorporate concrete in something as substantial as a deck, patio or outdoor living area, but you still want to use concrete finishing outside your home, you may find some of these ideas more appealing.

One interesting way homeowners are using concrete is by bringing decorative elements into things like sidewalks and exterior walls.  These elements can add the right amount of unique design without overwhelming the budget.  Plus, they are just as hassle-free as any other concrete feature.

To achieve the most personalized look with these looks, think about ways you might like to spruce up a simple walkway through your garden or even create a seat wall that acts as a conversation piece and place to gather.  Most likely, you’ll be able to find an expert in cement polishing and concrete construction that can pull off the design you want.


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