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Marble Polishing Services

Age-Old Artistry Mixes with Modern Technology And a Borderline-Obsessive Attention to Detail

Michelangelo's David Marble Statue

“I Saw the Angel in the Marble and Carved until I Set Him Free.”


Why polishing your marble is your most important investment…

There is nothing like the elegant shine of polished marble. It adds an instant glow to your entire home and is the first thing that guests notice when they enter. And, yet, there is no worse eyesore than the etch of a spilled glass of wine or child’s orange’s juice on in the middle of an otherwise immaculate floor. Before people have come to me, they learned the hard way that those so-called etch removal kits or ValuPak polishing specials only make things worse. I don’t want you to make that same mistake. Just like you would only leave the cleaning of your teeth to an excellent dentist or hygienist, you also should only trust the polishing of your marble to a trained professional.

My name is Julia Baniasadi and I am the owner of Marble Polishing Experts, a licensed and insured marble company right here in Denver. And we only do one thing: polish and restore stone. We don’t sell screws, rent furniture, or clean carpets. We just restore your marble to its natural, glowing perfection. I started this company, because I was frustrated with the options out there. There was no one out there who would give the care to my home and my friend’s home that I would.

We have a 4 step proven process, often imitated, but never replicated:

1. Preparation: We clean the entire area and mask the others.

2. Honing: We meticulously remove all scratches, etches, and grease marks based on our years of experience.

3. Polishing: Then we polish and polish until the “angel” in the marble is set free.

4. Neutralize: We neutralize the floor and detail the floor and surrounding

Call us at (720) 427-8844 to go over any questions you may have and to set up a free, no obligation, in-home consultation. Either myself or my husband Bobby will answer and if we are not able to because we are consulting with another client, just leave a message and one of us will call you back right away.

All the Best,

Julia Baniasadi
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